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This games has been made since i was at my school and made three different version of it with my favorite characters and starters of pokemon game squirtle , charmander and bulbasaur some of those game has been developed more from the version 1.0 but stopped working with this project since just wanted to have fun with friends and achieved our goal.

you can play with charmander version iam still trying to find hosting because i have problem with copyrights with pokemon company even if iam not trying to sell anything! i will post some gallery photos here soon!

Pokemon squirtle shooter version 1.0

Keyboard support W-A-S-D 

Pokemon charmander shooter version 2.0

Update patches : 
updated to v.2 (better graphics)
moved to a new host Kongregate

Keyboard support W-A-S-D 

Pokemon bulbasaur shooter version 1.0

Keyboard support W-A-S-D 

Mario & Luigi the cholera game v.1
this game maded by a student of the same school as mine his name is Giannis rogas and helped him with it.

It is a simple game 2 player mode and a timer and someone has the flame the last one holding the flame loses!

1st player Keyboard support W-A-S-D 

2nd player Arrows 

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