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Prelude Prelude
Chronicle 1 Harbingers of War
Chronicle 2 Age of Splendor
Chronicle3 Rise of Darkness
Chronicle 4 Scions of Destiny
Chronicle 5 Oath of Blood

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Interlude Interlude
CT 1 The Kamael
CT 1.5 Hellbound
CT 2.1 Gracia Part 1
CT 2.2 Gracia Part 2
CT 2.3 Gracia Final
CT 2.4 Gracia Epilogue
CT 2.5 Freya
CT 2.6 High Five

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GD 1 Awakening
GD 1.5 Harmony
GD 2 Tauti
GD 2.1 Glory Days
GD 2.2 Lindvior
GD 2.3 Valiance
GD 2.4 Ertheia
GD 2.5 Infinity Odyssey
GD 2.6 Helios
GD 2.7 Grand Crusade

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